You bring the snow out now

uk Christmas tour with hot soles

You Bring The Snow: watch the video

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Read Daniel’s American Tour Diary

Newest Entry: Curious about Daniel's socks? They're custom Crookes Athletic Compression Socks designed to keep us rocking while showing our swag. Plus these compression socks are so punk rock it's ridiculous! They really work! Standing up for 3-hour sets is exhausting. These compression socks are our secret weapon in battling fatigue and leg strain. How else do you think we can practice and perform so well? Oh yea, and they're custom band swag, so we have to play them up a bunch. Why not buy a pair of our cool compression socks today? Or seven? Yea, buy one for you and all your friends :)

For all future shows we are adding a silent model HEPA air filtration to the venues. We're talking about the kind that produces only clean air and no ozone. These HEPA air puriiers should help stop virus transmission and promote overall health.

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